Fun, memorable, and easy gingerbread house kits

Meet the Team

Background & History


Gingerbread Traditions, Inc. (GTI) is an Oregon-based corporation which manufactures high quality, edible, gingerbread and sugar cookie kits. We provide premium products to families, corporations, resorts, country clubs, and organizations looking for a fun, social, and community building experience.  GTI is owned by Cheryl Albers who takes pride in being a role model and taking an active role in her community.

GTI was established in May of 2002 with two gingerbread house offerings.  Since then sales have doubled and tripled to 45,000 units sold in 2013 with over 25 different designs and product lines.

In 2004 we moved to a 1,000 square foot facility in downtown Oregon City, Oregon.   While in Oregon City, we purchased our first cookie machine and were able to produce over 175,000 parts.  By 2011 we were selling 16,000 house/kits plus 11,500 cookie kits.  We produced over 75 different house and cookie kits along with hundreds of candies, fun packs, and icings.

We moved to our current location in 2012 and now reside in a custom built facility in Portland, Oregon.  In our 5,000 square foot facility, we have a custom bakery and packaging room, extensive shipping and storage capacity, as well as business offices. We employ up to 20 people throughout the year and 5 people (full- and part-time) year round.



Our corporate philosophy centers on strong customer service, a belief in providing high quality products, and a commitment to giving back to our community.


Our Values:

   Committed to high quality products

   Promote fun and a sense of family and community

  Provide customers with an experience to remember and that come back year after year

  Believe in outstanding customer service

  Develop and maintain customers for life

  Listen to our customers

  Build a corporate culture of teamwork and fun!

  Hire dedicated, loyal employees with a vested interest in the company’s success

  Give back to the community and are environmentally conscious in all aspects of manufacturing, office activity and product packaging



Management Team:

Michael Crawford, CEO.  As CFO, Michael has provided leadership and development of budgeting, accounting procedures, forecasting, and review of financial statements.  He has provided significant feedback on systems and process development.  Michael is a graduate of Portland State University where he has earned BS in Finance.

Heidi Skowhede, Operations Manager.  Heidi is an active member of our team. She has made a significant impact on our processes by developing, fine tuning, and implementing many cost saving ideas. She has been part of the GTI team since 2010 and has a strong belief in conducting time trials, simplifying tasks, and building efficient, cost effective processes that go directly to improving the bottom line.  A graduate of Brigham Young University in Computer Science, Heidi has a strong commitment and dedication to the business.