Gingerbread House Kits
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Are your products edible?

Yes! All of our gingerbread, sugar cookies, icing and candies are edible. They taste great too!

Do your products contain nuts?

Our products do not contain nuts. However, they are made on the same machinery that processes food containing peanut butter.

Do your candies contain nuts?

We purchase our candies in cases, and then we repackage them for our kits and individual candy sales. Some of these candies may contain nuts. Or, they may have been produced in a facility that processes nuts and other potential allergens. We do not currently use nuts in our products.

What are the cookie dough and icing ingredients for your houses and cookies?

Dough and Royal Icing Ingredients

How do you package the houses to arrive safely?

Each house is shrink wrapped and packed in specially designed foam or bubble wrap. The wrapped house is placed in a product box. All product boxes are packed in a shipping box(es). Bulk orders containing fifty plus assembled houses are placed on a pallet. Stacked boxes on a pallet are secured. Should you receive any portion of your order damaged, call us right away for a replacement or refund. Call: 503-941-5176

What time of the year should I order?

We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of wholesale, high-end assembled gingerbread houses in the United States that ships directly to our customers. We offer a variety of seasonal houses from January through June. Please allow three weeks for us to hand bake your houses and ship them. We also offer a unique product line of holidays houses. When ordering houses in bulk (for wholesale prices) we recommend calling us in July/August/September and placing your order over the phone. If you have nowhere to store your purchased houses prior to your event, we can wait till close to the time of your event to ship your order.

When will my credit card be charged?

Credit cards are charged when your product ships unless you call to place a wholesale order.  Credit cards are charged a 50% deposit in August for wholesales/bulk orders. If a bulk order is placed after August, the deposit is made during ordering. Final payment is charged (along with shipping costs) when products ship.

How do you salvage a broken gingerbread house?

There are several creative ways to repair a gingerbread house. Use royal icing to attach the pieces back together. Another trick is to use candy melts as the “glue”. It dries much faster than icing. Whichever option you choose, it is best to let the repair dry overnight. Once the house is decorated, no one will know that it once suffered damage.

If the house is beyond repair or won’t remain standing, you can still decorate the pieces. We have seen some very creative placements of a Godzilla toy (or other dinosaur) to “explain” the damage and create a hilarious conversation starter. 

How can I preserve my house year after year?

To save your decorated house, year after year, store it in a clean, dry, environment away from extreme heat and cold. Be sure to pack it in a pest-proof bag and box. If you chose to freeze your house, it must be sealed in an air-tight container to prevent damage from moisture.

My house is too soft/too hard. What can I do to fix it?

Gingerbread houses are affected by the temperature of a room and the amount of moisture in the air. If your house is unusually hard or soft, it may be due to one of these factors. Try moving it to a drier part of the house away from extreme hot or cold.

How long do the houses last and how long are they edible?

You can keep a gingerbread house for years with proper storage. Our houses will stay fresh to eat for up to 12 months depending on how they are displayed and/or stored. Keep in mind that if you are displaying your decorated house, it will gather dust and other air particles. Although it is technically edible, it may not be desirable to eat.

Do you sell houses that I can assemble myself?

Yes! Most houses/products are available to purchase unassembled or assembled.

Does the kit come with candies?

Yes! Each kit comes with candies and decorations specific to the type of house (e.g., dog house kit includes gingerbread fire-hydrant and gingerbread dog cookies with dog bone candies).