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Working with Kids


Tips for Working with Younger Kids:

  Children – ages 3-4 need assistance. Generally, it works well to have an adult apply the icing and the child stick on the candy. Best Gingerbread House for this age group: Cabins

♥  Children – ages 4-6 may have difficulty handling a decorator bag. Often times the icing ends up squirting out the top of the bag. Instead, put icing in a sturdy ziplock bag, seal and make a small clip off the corner. Children can squeeze out the icing through the clipped corner and not worry about it coming out the top. Best Gingerbread House for this age group: Cabins, Mouse House, Puppy House, Mini Halloween House and Alpines

  Young children love to lick the icing. If they lick the end of the icing tip, the icing will not stick as well. Fluids break down the icing and prevent it from sticking.

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Tricks and Tips for Surviving a Classroom Party

House Sets:

  Each set of house parts includes (2) roofs, (2) sides, (2) front/back pieces. It is recommended that you set the roof pieces (largest rectangles) aside before they start so that they don’t confuse them with the side pieces.

  Allow houses to dry overnight if possible.


♥  The pre-made icing does not require refrigeration. Knead the icing if it has separated.

  Spoon a small quantity of icing into a ziplock bag (approx. 1/8 cup). Zip the bag closed and clip corner. Some kids will use that amount and be done. Others will ask for additional icing.

♥  Store icing in an airtight ziplock bag. Exposure to the air will cause icing to dry and harden.

Transporting your house home:

  Completed houses can be carried home in the product boxes provided. Let the house sit and dry before stowing in the box.










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